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On this web site we currently feature two of the PAC Ranges: KeyPac Solo & the EasiKey Range which is Split into the 99 or 250 range. (The number refers to the number of tokens that can be programmed into the Controller). If you would like any information on the other PAC ranges please do not hesitate to contact us.

KeyPac Solo

Quick and simple to use, as well as compact and flexible in application the KeyPAC Solo series unlocks the door to proven reliability and security.

This affordable package is perfect for multi-user access to a small office and single door access control customers, allowing opening or unlocking of a door, gate or other access.

Simply placing an ID device in front of the KeyPAC Solo (up to 200mm reading range) opens the door. The IDs are small and self-contained, available as either a token or card and are maintenance free supported by PAC’s lifetime guarantee.

EasiKey 99

EasiKey is all about simple and easy access control in a system that controls up to two doors (two readers), using EasiKey proximity readers.

Installation is fast and simple and provides a cost effective solution for entry level applications with up to 99 users plus the ability to seamlessly expand, up to 198 users.

Easikey 250

Easikey® 250 is a simple to use, standalone door controller.

The new, improved design allows access to one or two doors for up to 250 users, or up to 500 when paired. Compatible with the PAC Oneprox™ reader range, Easikey 250 is a cost effective solution suitable for small scale applications such as tenanted buildings and small commercial offices, providing easy to manage access control.

01948 667600