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BSB - Progeny

Progeny Access Control is manufactured in the UK by BSB Electronics of Blackburn.

The range is split into three basic product types, Single Door Combined keyboards/Controller, Standalone and their online systems P2 and P3.

Combined Keyboard/Controllers

Three types of keyboard exist in this product range, the 2059 which is a smart low cost solution which features a tactile membrane keyboard and is weather proof and is ideal for harsh environments.

For more demanding applications the 2064 keyboard which can be mounted either flush or surface is vandal resistant and IP67 rated. The keys are also backlit.

 The final product in the range is the 2067 Spyproof Internal Keyboard.  The keyboard is based on the original BSB Keyboard, which has been in production and use for over 20+ years.

 These Keyboard/Controllers include a host of features normally only found on larger systems including a Duress Code, Penalty Timers, Twin Independent Channels and relay outputs.

Standalone Systems.

The workhouse of many access control applications are single door controller system.  In this instance the controller and the keyboard are separate to improve the security offered.

The keyboard device can be a range of input devices from keyboards, proximity, magstripe, biometrics, in fact the Progeny P1 Single Door Controller will support up to 35 different reader technologies.

It can store up to 100 different user codes and up to 10,000 cards and has two reader inputs allowing you to control access in either direction through the door.

For larger applications a two-door version is available.

Online Systems.

P2 - The Progeny P2 is an online access control system designed to be simple to install and use. The design caters for small to medium sized systems up to 16 doors and 2000 users.

The contemporary software provides both the installer and the end user a simple to use interface allowing for swift set up and card management.

System activity is monitored and can be viewed using the simple to create reports from within the  software. Adding custom fields in to the card database allows for even more tailored reports to be created.

P2 readers are stylish, durable and look attractive in both modern architectural and old building designs. A new approach to reader data transmission allows for simple 4 core cable to be used, saving on cabling costs.

P3 - The Progeny P3 system is an online controller built around the P1 controller technology.  Each controller is connected together on a Data Loop up to 1km in length (Distance between the controller and the door can be up to 100m) and then to a PC.

But using the latest P3 technology the final controller can simply plug in to your LAN or WAN allowing the controlling PC to be in another building on site or on another site.  Alternatively the PC can access the controllers via a simple PSTN telephone, with a remote dial up schedule limiting the costs.

The key to the Progeny P3 stability is that it is a distributed intelligence system i.e. the control of which door can be opened by which card/code/token is decided at a local door controller and not at a central controller by the PC.

In the event of the PC going off line or the Data Loop being interrupted the Access Control System will continue to function with each controller continuing to operate on its parameters until the link is re-established.

The P3 has all the facilities of the P1, 35-reader technology, dual reader capacity and is also available in a two-door version

If you require information or prices on a BSB/Progeny product not featured here please contact us by telephone or email.

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