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Entree Phone 603-S Vandal Resitant

277.00 (332.40 inc. VAT)
Part number: 603-S

Wireless intercom (Vandal Resistant)


Full stainless steel construction, extremely tough vandal resistant call point. Brushed finish with rain hood. Panel dimensions are 100mm wide x 200mm tall x 50mm deep, surface mount.

Wireless intercom system for gates or door.

  Expected working range of 150 meters, or 250 meters with line of sight (i.e. handset used near a window.

  Modern stylish portable handset, with back lit keys and LCD screen.

  Gate / Door release relay built in.

  NEW – Also open gates when visitor leaving!

  NEW – Visitors can leave a voice message on system if you are not at home!

  Up to a total of 4 handsets available per system.

 Technical Information

  • Range upto 250m
  • Supply Voltage 12-24v a.c or mains adaptor
  • IP Rating IP65 (Door Station)
  • Hadset Voltage 5v d.c. rechargeable 2 x AAA
  • Wiring 8 core (This is between the Door Station and the Radio Transmitter) Max 8m
  • Max Handsets per system 4
  • Max Door Stations per system 2
  • Output 1 x N/C 7 N/O relay 4 seconds
  • Voice Message Upto 16