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Frequently Asked Questions

If your query can't be answered from the information below, please contact us directly.

Alarm Systems

  • Alarm systems like your Car need regular servicing even if they are not used, as long as they have power. As well as mains power your alarm will generally have a backup battery in the control panel. Often when it just activates there is a problem with this battery. If you have a user code you should be able to silence it, until you can get someone to look at it if not you are going to need to remove all power, the mains, the battery in the control panel and there should be a battery in the external bell box. When you remove the panel power/battery this battery will activate the bell box until it goes flat as it thinks it is under attack. To remove the Bell Box Battery, you must be trained in the safe use of ladders and have ear defenders, we recommend asking a professional if you are not sure.
  • While we cover a large area of the UK of many of our systems for Intruder Alarms we tend to restrict this to sites within an hour’s drive of our offices, so that we can respond promptly in the event of a problem. For a costing please email or call 01948 667600 with as much information as possible.
  • The Tate brand has been sold in the UK since the 1980's and over the years it has been sold via electrical wholesalers, retailers and even via the DIY sheds; there are thousands of Tate alarm systems out there installed by hundreds of installers, electricians or even DIY'ers. We are just a retailer of the product, as such we have no idea who will have installed the system that you are concerned with, (we did not install it all our alarms are installed under the Securasound brand), we won't know the engineer codes, nor will we have Access to keyholder information. So if an alarm is activating on a near by property or similar we are very sorry we can not help in this instance. If you need to work on your exisitng Tate system we will be happy to help supply parts.


  • The short answer is yes, however while we have a large stock we don't hold all the items we sell for example some are drop shipped direct to you, so please call before setting out. Also we have two sites so please call to check that we will be here, when you plan to arrive.
  • Our web site features a relatively small selection of the most popular & common products from the manufactures we feature, for example Bell Systems alone feature nearly 1,500 products and components so it is not possible to include them all here. Many of them we will never get asked for or some maybe once or twice a year. If you know the part number, let us have it, if not let us have lots of images and we will do our best to find it for you.


  • For us to identify your handset you need to send us the following pictures: Outside of the Handset showing the case. Inside the Handset showing all the wires (many Intercom manufacturers have different electronics in the same case) A picture of the intercom panel by the door. Please send these pictures as an attachment to an email, not copied and past into the email and send it to If you want to Text them please call us for a number.
  • Carefully unscrew the cover of the part of the handset fastened to the wall. Make a Note of which coloured core (wire) is connected to which terminal on the connector plate, there are not standard intercom wiring colours, so nobody will be able to tell you which terminal the pink wire connects to if you don't make a note. Taking a Photo can help. Unscrew each core one at a time, put a bit of tape, insulation or cellotape around the bare bit of metal on the end of it, this reduces the risk of two of them shorting together (all the intercoms we sell spares for are low voltage at the handset so there is no danger of electric shock, but if they short together (touch) then there is a risk of damage to the intercom). Once you have completed this you can unscrew the handset from the wall carefully feeding the cable out of the old handset. Refeed the cable into the new handset and refasten it to the wall, you may need a new fixing hole if your handset has changed styles between the old and the new though this is not very common. Reconnected the cores of the cable to the corresponding letter/number/symbol on the new handset, if they are not identical check the box for a conversion chart or contact us. DO NOT just connect to the same pattern, for example if your old handset has terminals 1 to 5 connected labelled A to E, but the first one on the new handset is labelled as something different check the other terminals and the instructions first. Remove the tape, if you have multi stranded cable twist them together carefully before putting into the terminal, complete with all. Other Notes: You may need to adjust how the handset buzzes, see the instructions or contact us (test it first). If you have a two wire handset you may need to set dip switches or move over selectors from the old handset – this not for every two wire handset, check the instructions. Replace the cover and Test.
  • An intercom system will have a number of wires that connect the handsets to the panel and you need to have a compatible handset, so if you have a 5 wire handset you need a 5 wire universal handset and so on. You will also need to know ideally the make and the terminal connections for your existing handset as you will need to wire the two together. Just because your old handset has a 1 on it and so does the new handset does not mean they connect together, there is no standard connections. We can supply 5 & 2 wire universal handsets, if you have something else there is a good chance a universal handset won’t work.
  • A 4+n means that you have four common cables that connect between all the handsets and one cable per way (call button). So for example if you have a 3 way intercom system then you would need a 7 cores. Now you would not normally cable from one flat to the next, so you may typically run a 6 core cable from each handset back to the door station. (A 6 core as cable is supplied in even numbers of cores, 4,6,8,12 and so on)

Overseas Delivery

  • We are able to ship to a number of EU & Non EU countries, though not all. A number of countries you can select at the checkout stage however this adds a fixed amount to the carriage, which may make smaller items especially very expensive. If you can email what you require we will send you a PayPal invoice for the exact postage, you do not need a PayPal account just a debit or credit card. If your country is not listed please email and we can advise

Push Button Locks

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