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  Looking for  the Unican Repairs Web Site

We have decided to discontinue our dedicated Unican Repairs web site and forward the address to here; more people know these locks by the brand name Kaba or even DormaKaba, so the Unican name becomes less relevant. Also as security protocols around web sites increase it is easier for us to just maintain the one site.  Everything we offered on the UnicanRepairs web site is also here: Spares, Repairs, New Locks or even an Engineer.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why do  these locks have different names: Simplex - Unican -Kaba - Illco  and various combinations of those names?


                                                      A Short History of the Companies Involved:


The American Simplex company was founded in 1961 and produced quality push button locks.  The Canadian company, Unican, recognized a good thing and bought Simplex and then the name for these locks became Unican-Simplex. 

A few years later, the  Independent Lock Co, ILCO, was bought by Unican and for a few years the locks were known as Ilco-Simplex. 

Finally in 2001, Kaba lock company bought Ilco-Unican and the relationship became known as Kaba-Ilco.   Since Kaba makes many other locks and products, the name Simplex still is needed to designate this particular line of pushbutton locks.  Many people around the world including here in the UK still refer to them as Unican or Simplex Locks.

in 2016 the companies of KABA and Dorma merged to form a new company called dormakaba though at this time the lock branding has remained the same.

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