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BSB - Progeny


The C4 is the latest compact controller from Progeny. C4 can work alone as a combined controller Keypad or Controller RFID reader or both. C4 can also be used with an externally connected Keypad, Reader or Reader-Keypad. The latter allows the role of the C4 to become a programming station or touch sensitive Request to Exit button or both.
The embedded proximity reader works with standard Dark Crystal credentials. It also has all the feedback and brightness controls found with a P4 system.
The electronic lock supply is programmable for Fail Open or Fail Locked locking devices.


P4 - Standalone & Online System.

P4 System

The Progeny P4 range is their most fully featured to date giving you ultimate flexibility. With a larger power supply, the capacity to expand to more users and doors, the option to install Standalone then switch to Online when ready and compatibility with a wide range of reader technologies, P4 is the only Controller you will need.

Integrated Biometrics - A new feature of the P4 is the automatic storage and distribution of Bio templates throughout the local and wide area network, regardless of site location, with no network Duplication.  This allows for Biometrics to be added cost effectively using a ‘4850’ or ‘4851’ Fingerprint Reader.

Scalable - The P4 system architecture allows for expansion without any additional equipment costs  

up to 128,000 users and an unlimited number of doors can be added.

Charger Power Supply - The P4 includes a 12V 5A Charger power supply, so budgeting power usage is a thing of the past. The charger also features uninterrupted changeover from mains to battery, deep discharge protection for the battery and 3 individually fused auxiliary outputs.

Distributed Intelligence - The on board memory stores all the access control information for a given door, including card details and Bio templates. This means that, in the event of lost communication with the server, the controller will continue to function normally.


The P1, P2 and P3  have been discontinued if you are looking at spares for these systems please contact us and we will advise as there are different options depending on what you want to replace/add to a system

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