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AV Systems

Securasound provides a number of AV Solutions from Public Address (PA) Systems, through CAT 5 network cabling to Video Projection systems. 

We normally only supply AV solutions as part of an installation service and not via this web site, particularly as the price/specification of these sorts of goods are often subject to change without notice.  If however you would like a price for an item including supply only please do not hesitate to contact us.


Background sound systems

The purpose of a Background Public Address System is usually to enhance the environment it is operating in and/or provide information.

Background systems are usually found in Shops, Restaurants, Banks, Stations or anywhere accessed by the public.

Before deciding on your system you must decide what you want to use it for:-

  • Speech
  • Music
  • Speech and Music.

This determines the type and quantity of speakers to be used. If you want to make announcements in a noisy station it is totally different to playing soft music in a restaurant.

(If you wish to use your system in a emergency situation for evacuation purposes please see our Building Systems page.)

Securasound Limited can supply and install a system for all these environs and more. The system can simply have one speaker and a CD Machine/MP3 Device or comprise dozens of speakers in different areas at different volumes with several music and speech input sources.

If you will be making regular announcements of the same wording we can supply a pre-recorded message announcer. This can operate either at the touch of a button or at set intervals. You can have permanent messages or change them yourself on a daily basis.


Building sound systems

Over the past few years more and more companies are installing Public Address Systems in their buildings and across their sites. 

Before you install a Public Address System, you must decide under what conditions you wish the system to operate i.e. Emergency or Non Emergency.


In the event of a fire alarm being sounded people will generally tend to want to exit the building the way the entered, especially if they are panicking. But if your fire or incident is taking place in the main exit route, sounding the fire alarm will send people into the danger area.

With a Public Address System on the other hand you can tell them to evacuate via a different route. Advising them of the route to use and reminding them to leave immediately without taking belongings.

Of course if you are planning to use your Public Address System in this manner, then it must be installed to the same standard as the Fire Alarm. It will serve little purpose if the wires have burnt or if there is no electricity to the amplifiers.

That is why it is vital at the outset to decide what and when you will be using your system for.

If you are not using it for evacuation purposes that the main system aim must be that everyone who should hear clearly can hear clearly on the system.

Depending on your environment will determine the equipment to be used. This could vary across your site with different equipment needed for a factory or outside area to that needed in the office area.

You may also wish to configure your system so that yon can talk to different areas at different times. For example in your factory area you may wish to make regular announcements about Health and Safety, while you will not need this in the offices.

Perhaps you will be making regular announcements of the same wording, then we can supply a pre-recorded message announcer. This can operate either at the touch of a button or at set intervals. You can have permanent messages or change them yourself on a daily basis.

Securasound Limited can supply systems to meet these requirements and more.


Induction loops

Induction Loops provide a amplified sound to person using either a appropriate hearing aid or Induction Loop Head Set. They work via a loop of cable which runs around the area to be covered, this is connected to a Loop Amplifier. 

Please Note. While it sounds very simple in theory, in practice it is far more difficult, particularly for a large room.  To ensure both a even coverage across the room and to prevent interference with either the loop system or other audio equipment.

Induction loops are divided into two basic types:

Personal Loop Systems.

Theses are used typically  in Bank's, Post Offices, Council and Benefits Offices, etc. They provide a localized loop system or even a induction pad which radiates sound across a small area.

The purpose of these systems is to allow improved sound in a intimate one to one interview environment. The microphone is usually a small counter top microphone or more commonly as part of a local, Public Address system.

This benefits persons with hearing difficulty who do not have a hearing aid, or general users. Often the above environments have a glass screen separating either sides of a counter. The local PA system helps overcome these difficulties.

Systems now exist that can operate side by side in multi counter set ups.

Room or Area Loop Systems.

These systems are used in Theatres, Concert Halls, Churches and general Public Gathering Areas. They allow multiple users to pick up the sound within the room or area they are standing/sitting in.

In certain venues they work as a stand alone system, without other Public Address equipment, however it is more common to find them as part of a larger general system.

If you would like information on Loop Systems we would be happy to help.

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