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1000 Series

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The 1000 Series lock provides fully mechanical pushbutton access control with no electrical wiring, electronics, or batteries. Exterior access is by combination. Egress is by interior knob and is free at all times. 1000 Series lock sets are the best choice for limiting access to high-traffic, security-sensitive areas in commercial, institutional, residential, and industrial buildings. These locks are ideal for locations with a high personnel turnover rate such as data processing centers, employee entrances, R&D labs, apartments, dormitories, and restricted areas in hospitals and airports.
There are 5 models in the range and the basic differences are:
1000-1 - Standard Lock - Keypad on the outside only
1000-2 - As the above but also fitted with a key cylinder on the outside - recommended if this is the only door into an area, should the mechanical keypad fail you can still gain access.
1000-3 - Keypad on the outside only, however also has a passage set facility which when is engaged means you can enter through the door without the code, so this allows free access during the day for example.
1000-4 - This has the key cylinder as per the 1000-2 and also the passage set facility as the 1000-3
EE1000 - This basically two adapted 1000 locks back to back so that you need to enter a code from either side of the door.

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01948 667600